Dedicated servers

Meet the dedicated server rental based on Supermicro solutions and the last generation of Intel processors, which will ensure a high efficiency and stable work of practically any large project.

All dedicated servers are put together for each client and we are ready to build a server system of any capacity for you and for your projects to function quickly and successfully. We can suggest unusual solutions.

What is included in the price

  • Preparing and installing the server
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 4 IPv4 IPs
  • Convenient Control Panel
  • Favorable bonuses when paying from 6 months

Dedicated server configuration

Server Description

Ideal for those who are not enough virtual hosting. Reliable CPU from Intel and 32 GB of RAM will ensure the stable operation of your resources.


  • CPU — 4 cores
  • SSD — 240Gb
  • RAM — 32Gb
  • LAN — 100Mbit/с

150 $ per month



Depends on the type of administration
cost and additional features
  • Free migrate deploy your project
  • RAID1 for fault tolerance
  • Sprutio File Manager
  • DDOS Protection - Syncookied
  • Redis, Memcached, Sphinx и т.д.
  • We update the OS and software in a timely manner
  • Ability to work on API
  • Ability to install your OS (CentOS, Windows, etc.)
  • Freedom to configure any software (root access)
  • Interface to manage IPMI server

Server system

Supermicro SYS−5039MS−H12TRF
More details on the site Supermicro


CPU Intel Xeon E3-1230 V6
4 cores (8 threads) on frequency to 3 900 MHz.
More details on the site Intel

Discs SSD

2x SSD SATA2.5" 240GB Intel® D3-4510 Series


2x DDR4 16GB Kingston
32Gb RAM.
(possibility of increasing to 64Gb)

RAID controller

RAID implemented by the operating system


Guaranteed bandwidth 100 Mbit/c, with no restrictions.
Class IP network /29 (6 IP address).

Application for server rental Blade E3
with Beget administration

9 400 per month

Data center and network

Servers are located in one of the largest data centers in St. Petersburg Дата-центр

The total width of the external channel exceeds 175 Gbit / s and is provided by 4 independent trunk providers , and a direct connection to the main traffic exchange points guarantees the maximum speed of the sites.

Our office is located in the immediate vicinity of the data center, which in emergency situations allows you to quickly go to the site.

Additional changes and services

Adding 1 CPU Intel Xeon GOLD 6140 to the Turbo configuration 310 /month
Adding 1 CPU Intel Xeon GOLD 6140 and 128 GB of RAM to the Turbo configuration 405 /month
Adding 32GB RAM to the Blade №1 and Blade №2 configuration 50 /month
Replacing SSD 240GB with SSD 480GB 23 /month
Replacing SSD 240GB with SSD 960GB 40 /month
Replacing SSD 480GB with SSD 960GB 23 /month
Additional dedicated IP address 11 /year
Allocated bandwidth 1Gbit / s 465 /month
SSL for domains more

All prices include VAT. (20%)